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Skydiving over the most beautiful beach in the world

Tandem Skydiving

Discover what it means to free fall during a tandem skydive from 12000 ft! Tandem skydiving is jump with experiance skydive instructor and allows you to experience the thrill of free fall and a magnificent canopy flight above the earth without any significant training.


Skydiving school

Do you want to learn how to skydive? You need to check out our AFF course. With our expert instructors giving one-to-one instruction, video debriefings and all the gear and technical equipment you’ll need, you could be leaping out at 12.000 feet on your own in 4-5 days.


Demonstration jumps

You can hire professional skydivers to jump into your company picnic, school event, collegiate / professional football game or any pulic event. Our talented crew can carry the flag, throw streamers, deliver the game ball. Bring the thrill and excitement of skydiving to your next event and contact us today.


Location and price of jumps

Curently located in one of the most beautiful location for your first Skydive experience – Kenya, Diani Beach.

The Kenyan coastline is amongst the finest scenery in the world; the beaches are breathtaking and the calm sea waters protected by the reef have an indescribable colour when you look at them from above
The price of a tandem skydive at Skydive Diani is $350 and for additional $75 you can have your skydive filmed and professionally edited into a 5 minute video capturing your whole experience so you can relive this moment again and again. .


License and ratings

  • USPA licence holder No. D-33511
  • USPA Coach
  • USPA Static-line instructor
  • USPA Tandem instructor
  • UPT Sigma Tandem Instructor- ID 101795
  • Strong Dual Hawk Tandem Instructor
  • Paraavis Tandem Instructor - No:0355
  • CCAA D licence - 2666/13489
  • CCAA Tandem Instructor

What is tandem skydive?

tandem skydive

Skydive perform with experienced skydive instructor

Tandem skydiving is an extremely popular way of skydiving and one of the safest ways in which somebody can experience all the excitement of jumping from a plane, freefall and parachute flight.

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How long does it take?

How long does skydive take

It takes about 30 min from the plane takes off until you land.

The plane flight to jump altitude lasts 10-25 minutes. Time spent in freefall primarily depends on the altitude from which you will jump. Free fall can last up to 60 seconds. After freefall, you still have a flight under an open parachute, which takes about 6 - 7 minutes

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How can i book a date?

How can I book date for tandem skydive

How can I book date for tandem skydive?

To book a date for your skydive experience you need to pay/send deposit which serves as a confirmation of arrival at the agreed date and time. For deposit charges please send inquiry

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Is there a age and weight limit?

Is there a age and weight limit for skydive

The maximum weight for a tandem passenger is not defined. Candidates weighing more than 100 kg should consult us to make sure a tandem jump will be possible.

All candidates under 18 years old must have the written consent of a parent or guardian before performing their jumps. The maximum age is not defined, and jumps can be made by anyone feeling capable of such an activity.

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